I, _________________, hereby acknowledge and accept membership in the revolutionary organization, The Upside Down Circle, dedicated to the principles of Ishism and its all-inclusive, non-discriminatory agenda.  In joining the Upside Down Circle, I understand and accept my lifetime membership in the organization and commit myself to participating in meetings of the organization and to implementing projects dedicated to the success of the organization.  I acknowledge and accept the responsibility to keep all information regarding the Upside Down Circle secure and confidential from all non-members of the organization.  I commit to fulfill every order and task assigned to me by a higher leader of the organization to the best of my ability.  I will follow all rules of the Upside Down Circle and will accept all consequences and punishments associated with my being found in contempt or violation of those rules.

I enter into this Agreement by my own free will and under no duress or untoward persuasion to do so.  Upon the success of the Upside Down Circle Revolution, I understand at that point I may exercise my option to resign my membership in the organization.

                                                Signature _________________________________

                                                Date:       __________________________________