Act 1: Anti-Discrimination

Eliminates all discrimination going forward, makes discrimination punishable with multiple months of intense counseling to help individuals and groups evolve to more inclusive, caring mindsets and behavior.

Act 2: Animal Protection

No animal is allowed to be killed or harmed by a human for any purpose other than those delineated in the Agricultural Act (Act 3). Animals may no longer be bred for domestication. Humans are allowed to live with animals if they are licensed and qualified to care for animals in a domestic setting.

Act 3: Agricultural Act

All farming and ranching land is available to all citizens for the purpose of growing food that can be shared among their local community members. All corporate owned farm and agricultural land will be owned and managed locally by the government. Chemically processed or mass produced food products are eliminated. Humans will farm and source their food locally. Hunting of wild animals is the only approved manner in which meant can be secured for the purpose of food.

Act 4: “Useless” Items

Any item or product deemed “useless” by the government is banned, e.g. all single-use plastics, plastic toys and other goods manufactured using large assembly lines and unsustainable manufacturing processes that contribute to climate change and poor-paying employment.

Act 5: The “Jerk Tax”

Any human deemed to be a “jerk” will be taxed an extra 5% of their annual income. Being deemed a “jerk” can occur if an individual uses language, expletives or behaviors determined to be inappropriate by the government. A Court of Law will consider evidence from the plaintiff in any matter and will make a final determination of whether or not a person is in fact a “jerk.”

Act 6: Defiance / Defense of Nature

Anything deemed harmful to nature is banned. Anything that is determined to defy nature will be banned, for example: chemical-based therapeutics, chemicals in food, manufacturing processes that pollute the environment, mass corporate farming and ranching, use of fossil fuels and any unnatural cause of global climate change.

Act 7: Modern Healthcare

Every human and animal has access to high-quality affordable healthcare for which the government is responsible to provide at no cost. No personal bankruptcies can be caused by a health crisis and all medical options other than chemical-based, poisonous therapeutics will be available. Innovative research into natural and biotechnology-based innovation will be expedited.

Act 8: Propaganda

No public propaganda is illegal. Private propaganda is allowed as long as it is presented as “probably propaganda” prior to any statements or published materials.

Act 9: Child Choice

Children can choose their religious and their areas of academic and professional focus. The Government can reassign a child to a different area of focus if the child is determined to require retraining and refocusing based on poor performance, physical injury or strained mental capacity.

Act 10: Education

Humans will take three tests, which will decide their occupation and what their area of study will be there focus. The three test are (1) Physical Ability, (2) Test of Intelligence Among All Fields of Science Including Mathematics (calculators are allowed) and the (3) Skills Test, including full-name, what one thinks they are good at and what you have previously studied. All teachers must be over the age of 49. All teachers shall be tested and evaluated by the Government. The Government will be responsible for all costs of education. Colleges and University systems will be eliminated. Advanced future education will be provided by the Government at no cost to individuals.

Act 11: Supreme Act

Any one person can be granted “supreme-ship” by a representative of a region of the Ishist Regions of North America. All who are granted supreme-ship are protected. If an individual kills a “supreme” they will be sentenced to a life of labor in service to the community. Their entire family will be shamed for 1,000 years. Of course, if that family is able to redeem themselves they will no longer be shamed. Instead they will be honored. See Shame Act for information regarding Redemption. Supremes are above the law, yet they do not live in defiance of the law. Once a Supreme, an individual must only follow the following laws: Supreme Law 1 – A Supreme Shall Not Kill Without Reason; Supreme Law 2 – A Supreme must not exploit individuals; Supreme Law 3 – A Supreme must abide to all laws of honor and must agree with most Acts of Ishism. Supreme Law 4 – A Supreme shall not kill another Supreme or group of Supremes. Supreme Law 5 – No Supreme shall kill the Gustabov. Supreme Law 6 – A Supreme, if found denying any of these Supreme Laws, shall be punished with a quick but heavily painful death, as determined by the Gustabov.

Act 12: Region Act

The global land, water and resources controlled by Ishism will be divided into regions. Most regions will be divided geographically, North, South, East, West and Central. Each region will have self-determination regarding its name, its representative to the Council (See Representative Act).

Act 13: Shaming Act

The Ishist government may shame an individual, a family or both as a consequence for certain actions that are deemed to be inconsistent or undermining a Supreme or Ishism. If Shamed, an individual citizen, a family or group of citizens can earn Redemption through an honorable action, constant community service or accepting redemption from a Supreme or the Gustabov.

Act 14: Gustabov Act

The Gustabov is the global leader of all land, water and resources controlled by Ishism. The Gustabov is granted Supreme-ship by a previous Gustabov or a Representative. Every Gustabov must abide by all rules of Honor. A Gustabov can be removed from their position of global leadership with an act of at least 60% of Representatives voting that the specific Gustabov is unfit for their current leadership position. If a Gustabov is removed, that individual will lose their Supreme-ship and may be sentenced to death. Every 30 years the Representatives will hold an election of a possible new Gustabov. The existing Gustabov is eligible to be a candidate to be reappointed to repeat their service in this elevated position of leadership. Candidates must be granted Supreme-ship prior to being appointed as a candidate. For each election, three Candidates are nominated by the top Representatives and approved by all Representatives by a 60% vote. Representatives vote — not the people — to determine which of the three candidates will become the Gustabov. Whichever Candidate gets the most votes becomes the Gustabov immediately. The losing candidates remain Supremes, but are slightly Shamed by the government. If there is a tie vote, the sitting Gustabov shall vote and make the final determination of who will be the new Gustabov. The Gustabov has final decision-making authority over all matters, including the make up of the Council of Representatives. If a female Gustabov is elected, the name of the position will become Elevair.

Act 15: Honor Act

Citizens are recommended to abide by the rules of Honor. If a citizen or group of citizens do not abide by the rules of Honor, there is a slight chance of being shamed by the government at the discretion of the Gustabov.